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ANT 112 - Northwest - Exploring Non-Western Cultures: MegaSearch

Research guide for ANT 112 students at the NW Campus.

MegaSearch: 50+ library databases (plus books and videos).

Find academic journal articles (and more) on a culture, focusing on a theme.

Open MegaSearch (it opens in Advanced Search mode).

  • In the Disciplines box (below the search boxes), checkmark Anthropology.
  • Enter your main topic in the top box. Example: Maasai
  • Focus your search: add another concept in the 2nd box. Example: gender
  • Optional: Limit your search to academic journals: In the left column, click Scholarly Journals (peer reviewed)
  • Email the article to yourself.
    • Open the full record
    • Click the Email icon, at right (looks like an envelope)
    • For an APA citation, choose APA from Citation format.