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ANT 101 - Human Origins and Prehistory: Find Articles

PCC Research Guide for ANT 101 - Human Origins and Prehistory.

Top Article Databases

You can use article databases to find articles from magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and trade journals.

Article Databases related to Anthropology:


MegaSearch is a great tool as it searches most of our databases and our catalog at once. However, because of it depth of searching, you will get many results and will probably have to filter your results.  

  1. Go to MegaSearch (MyPima --> Library tab --> top blue box --> click to open)
  2. In the search box type in your keyword(s) and click on "Search"
    1. You will notice the different type of sources in your results - books, ebooks, academic journals, streaming videos, etc. We will filter out the ones you do not need in #5 below, but be aware of the vast variety in your results. 
  3. You may see a Research Starter, if so, a great place to start, so click on it and read over. If you think you want to use it, email it to yourself. (Emailing it will keep the citation with the article). 
  4. On the left side are the filters. The date slider will help you to find more current articles, if that is what you need; just move the slider to the right, or type in your beginning date in the box. 
  5. Below the date slider is Format. Format identifies the type of source the article is in (e.g. magazines, newspapers, academic journals). Click on the type of source your want. If your instructor said you need an academic journal (also called a scholarly journal or peer-reviewed journal), click on the box for that source and it will remove all others. 
    1. Feel free to click on multiple boxes. 
  6. Click on a title you are interested in. Many of the records will include an abstract or summary, if yours does, read it over to see if it is something you want. If so, continue to #7, if not, return to results list and select a different title.
  7. Depending on the type of source, you may have a record link to open it (near top)  or a PDF (left side) to open the item.
    1. If it is an article, you can email it to yourself (highly recommended) , print or or save it. 
    2. If it is a streaming video, you can click on the title and watch it on your device. 
    3. If it is an item from the catalog, you can request it, arranging for it to be delivered to any of the 5 PCC Libraries.
      1. NOTE: it could take 2-3 days for an item to be transferred. 

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me ( or any Librarian via LiveChat or Ask-A-Librarian


What are Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Does your instructor require you to use scholarly, or peer-reviewed articles? What the heck does that mean? Watch the video below to find out!

Peer Review in Three Minutes (used with permission from the NCSU Libraries)


Library Tutorial 4: Using Research Databases