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WRT 102 - East (Salvo) Writing II: Historical Context

Literary Criticism, Memoir, text in context

What is Historical Context?

Historical context is the events and the climate of opinion - moods, attitudes, and conditions (social and cultural attitudes) -  that existed during the time of the issue that is being written about. Historical context is the "setting" and it has an important impact on the issue or event being written about.

Financial aid and Debt Slavery - Charles Becker

History database

This Is Who We Were: In the 1900s

Literary Genres

Research the literary movement or genre with which the work is associated.

In-depth historical background information on each movement as well as modern critical interpretation of each movement's characteristic styles and themes.

American Decades

An easy and Browsable method for discovering what happened when...

Films on Demand History Video Collection

Daily Life Through History

Salem HIstory

Social/Cultural Background

Research the social/cultural context in which the work was written.