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WRT 102 - East (Salvo) Writing II: Welcome

Literary Criticism, Memoir, text in context

Essay Assignment

This guide is intended as a starting place for research for  Carmen Amavizca's WRT 102 Class.

You will be working on your...

  • Personal memoir.
  • Context-based analysis of a work (short story, poem, novel, etc.) and the author.

The above tabs are arranged to guide you through the steps of the research process.  They'll lead you to reference tools for basic background information, library books for a more in-depth look at your topic, journal articles, and additional links to help you to write your paper and cite your sources, such as...  

  • How to choose and search the library's article databases.
  • How to distinguish between credible and non-credible sources on the web.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your feindly neighborhood librarian.

What is Text-in-Context

When we talk about a text’s context, we refer to all the pertinent factors exerting influence over its creation—including those the author was fully aware of accessing and those present in the prevailing values and attitudes, cultural assumptions and identities, and the “Zeitgeist.”
Zeit·geist is the spirit of the time; the attitude; the general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time, especially as it is reflected in literature and philosophy.