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WRT 101 - East (Beckman) Writing I: Databases - Controversial Issues

Controversial Issues


Searching Megasearch

Open this database: MegaSearch

How to search

  • Click Advanced Search. (Under the search box).
  • In the top box, enter keywords for Walmart





  • Now add a FOCUS concept (in the 2nd search box).




  • This gives you 25,000 articles. 
  • Now filter this search to only the MAGAZINES. 
    • In the left margin, scroll down the the FORMAT section.
    • Click Magazines.

General strategy

MegaSearch is, like Walmart, one-stop shopping.

  • Search dozens of databases simultaneously
  • Search the library catalog.

Today, you will focus on articles, especially Magazine articles. 

Use the strategy below.  It works for any of your topics.


**Note: for more locally flavored results, try adding the terms "Tucson" or Southern Arizona" to your searches.