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JRN 102 - West - Survey of Media Communications: Find Articles

Article Databases

Article Databases

Once you've narrowed down your topic and it's been approved by your instructor, search for magazine and newspaper articles about your topic.

The selected article databases listed below provide electronic access to large collections of  articles from a variety of resources. You can print, email, and save articles from databases.  There are many more article databases available through PCC Library.  Visit a librarian at the Reference Desk for suggestions of databases pertaining to your topic.

Citing Sources

Many of the library databases include MLA citations.  If you use an article from a database, you can simply copy the MLA citation into your Works Cited page!  (Always look them over to make sure they are correct.)

Tips for Accessing Databases from Off-Campus

When accessing the databases from off campus, you will be asked to input your MyPima username and password.

Database Search Tips

Each database has a "Help" page offering useful search tips.  In general...

  • Use multiple terms to express your topic for more focused search results:  For example, television AND sports AND broadcasting.
  •  AND - combines search terms so that each search result contains all of the terms. For example, music and Internet finds articles that contain both terms.
  •  OR - combines search terms so that each search result contains at least one of the terms. For example, internet OR online finds results that contain either term.
  • Use parentheses to combine AND and OR searches.  For example, sports AND (Internet OR online)
  • Use quotation marks to search exact terms.  For example,  "new media" AND "recording industry"
  • In many database, you may use  the truncation symbol (*) to create searches where there are various endings. For example,  broadcast* will search the following terms:  broadcast, broadcaster, broadcasting, broadcasted, etc.
  • If your search results in a large number of articles, try adding another term to your search statement.  For example,  "new media" AND "recording industry" AND (internet OR online) AND music*
  • Many databases will offer a variety of unique methods of limiting search results (date or date range, subject heading, publication type, etc.) to make them more focused.  Use your database Help page or consult a librarian.
  • Try using the database's Advanced Search feature for an easy way to combine your search terms.

Top Article Databases

All Magazine, Newspaper and Journal Article Databases available through PCC Library