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JRN 102 - West - Survey of Media Communications: Topic Selection

Reference Resources

Get Started

Begin your research by seeking some general background information about your topic ideas using reference resources.  Some reference resources will be available in print at the library and many are available electronically.

Broad or Focused Topics:  Where to Search?

If your topic idea is general and broad at this stage (i.e. television, the Internet, newspapers), then begin searching some of the "reference resources" below.  If your topic is more focused (i.e. television & fitness, the Internet & music industry, newpapers & new media formats), then you may have more success searching the resources on the "Find Articles" tab, above.


If you need to go back to mind-mapping (brainstorming) for a topic, try this free online tool:

Online Reference Resources

General Resources

Hot Topics and Current Issues

Print Reference Resources