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Political Science: Books

PCC Library Books

Continue your research by finding books (videos, DVDs, etc.) about your topic.

Search the Library Catalog


You can do a catalog search of just astronomy and come up with some great topics, such as radio astronomy and prehistoric astronomy in the southwest, or you can search for a specific topic with the word astronomy.

Tips for searching the catalog:

  • USE simple words or phrases, like "space and astronomy " or "space astronomy" (try these two will get totally different results!)
  • AVOID typing in long phrases. (See what happens when you type in "Why should we have universal health care in the United States?")
  • Find books at a specific campus by clicking Modify Search
  • Or request books from another campus by clicking  


Fear: the history of a political idea

The Politics of Harry Potter

Politics, the basics

Terrorism Books

​​​​​​Trump and the 'immigrant terrorists  Best to search terrorist groups by name! 


Course Reserves

Books - Political Science & Theory

Books - Law and Government

Law and government
Topics in Civil Rights, court cases, and historical events are best searched by Keywords: 
Montgomery Bus Boycott, Dred Scott, Marbury v. Madison.  

Books - International Relations