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WRT 070 - West - Developmental Writing: Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues Research

Step 1:  Find a topic...

Hot Topics and Current Issues


Step 2:  Find background information about your topic.  For this assignment, your best choices are:

Step 3:  Use the online article databases (below) to find recent articles about your topic.


Article Databases for Environmental Research:

Academic Search Premier

Search tips:

  • Try improving your search results by...
    • Placing exact phrases in quotes.  Ex:  "endangered species"
    • Searching multiple terms at the same time.  Ex:  "endangered species" AND "global warming"
    • Using the Subject (Thesaurus Terms) from your initial search results to narrow and focus your next search results


Search tips:

  • If the resulting articles seem too complicated, use the "Narrow Results by - Source Types" option at left, and select "Magazines"

Research Library (ProQuest)

Search tips:

  • Within your initial seach results, refine your search by using the "Suggested Topics" or by "Source Type" (scholarly journals, magazines, etc.)

Newspaper Databases

  • Arizona Daily Star: Current week's articles
  • Ethnic News Watch: Articles from the ethnic, minority and native presses.
  • Newspaper Source: Articles from various newspapers, including the Arizona Daily Star (09/29/2001 to present), as well as TV and radio transcripts
  • ProQuest Newspapers: Articles from various newspapers, including  the New York Times (2002-current