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Veterinary Technology: Images

Images from ImageQuest


Search 2.5 million images for your presentation.


One-Eyed Tabby Cat

Google Images

Find images from the web for your presentation. It is probably a "fair use" of copyrighted images if you use them only for this class project.

1. Open Google Images.

2. Enter keywords

3. In thumbnail view, click an image.

4. Don't be fooled.  Always open the web page where the image is found. What is the meaning of the image in this context? Can you trust the source to be accurate?

  • Click the Visit page button.  Is this image what you think it is?  If so, then...
  • Click View original image

Image result for maori

5. Copy or save the image

  • Right-click it.  Select Copy Image or Save Image As..
  • Open your PowerPoint.  Paste it or Insert it.
  • Create an MLA or APA citation for this image.  You'll need information about the web page.


Collins, Hugh. “Maori play Te Puhi explores first Maori Miss New Zealand.” Stuff. Entertainment, 23 May 2017,


Collins, H. (2017, May 23). Maori play Te Puhi explores first Maori Miss New Zealand. Stuff. Entertainment.