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Mathematics: Videos

Films on Demand

The library has a great resource called Films on Demand. Films on Demand offers streaming videos on a wide variety of content - including math (math tutorials, history of math, math in different careers, etc). I have created a few collections in the center box. If you would like to search Films on Demand for other math topics, just click here and type your keywords in the site's search box.

Be sure to check out the Quadratic Functions set of videos! Each section (small videos) are approximately 4 minutes long.

Films on Demand also has streaming videos that support almost all the programs that Pima offers. (Personally, I haven't found any that aren't supported in some way, but there could be one out there, so I offer this disclaimer.)  If you are looking to brush up on your biology concepts, historical movements or learn more about organizational behavior - just start searching.

Swank Math Videos

Swank videos are typically commercial movies that have subscribed to because they fill a specific need in a course. To get to Swank --> MyPima --> Library tab --> Articles & Databases, 2nd dropdown, and select Swank.

A couple math related videos are: Margin Call and Wolf of Wall Street.

Kanopy math videos

Kanopy is another great resource for academic (educational) videos! To get to Kanopy, start at MyPima --> Library tab --> Articles & Databases --> in 2nd dropdown, select Kanopy, and click Go --> scroll just a bit until you see the orange box on left to login at Pima.

You can look up math in the search box, but I find a better way is to click "Browse" (next to the search box, scroll to the Science header and then click Mathematics. You can see different sections, like "Joy of Mathematics," "Mathematics of Games & Puzzles," "Math Instruction," Probability and Statistics Tour" and many others. 


Math Tutorials - the Khan Academy has topics include everything from basic math, to algebra, calculus and statistics. (You can use your PCC Gmail address to create an account.)

Math in different careers - did you ever ask "when am I ever going to us this?" Did you know that someone with a math degree is one of the highest paying careers and most sought after? describes the different math careers one can take. To check-out more careers that use math, checkout the Math in Action website. (I never thought of cake artistry and sculpture as math related careers.)

History of Mathematics - check out this short video on the history of mathematics. To see a more indepth history of math, including mathematicians and a (great) glossary, so to The Story of Mathematics webpage.

Graphing Calculator Tutorials (created by PCC Instructor)