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ART 130 - West - Art and Culture: Prehistoric through Gothic: Podcasting Tips

What's a podcast?

 A "podcast" is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading and listening. Podcasts typically contain information or thoughts on a topic of potential interest to listeners.

Equipment for Podcasting

You will need the following to record your podcast:

1) A recording device. You may use one of the following:

a) The audio recorder on your smart phone, OR

b) A computer with a microphone and recording software. (See Audacity software link on this page.)

2) Optional but recommended: A set of  headphones for recording and mixing (editing) the audio file.

2) A quiet room with no background noise.

3) A well-researched, well-written script.


Recording & Editing

What does it mean to mix audio?

"Mixing is the process of editing and arranging audio clips in a way that sounds seamless and natural to a listener. After you and your team record sounds from interviews, events or other sources, you'll need to arrange them in a sound-editing software, like Audacity, which you can download online free of charge." (Quote from

Podcast - Advanced Tips