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WRT 102 - Downtown (Katherine Davis): Evaluating Sources & their Claims

Credibility assessment

What is credibility evaluation?

Credibility evaluation of a source is a stand-in for a direct evaluation of the truth of a key statement. Credibility assessment is an indirect assessment of what matters: the truth of the statement that the authors are responsible for.


When a credible source makes a statement . . .

  • The author KNOWS the truth of the statement

  • The author TELLS the truth as they see it, without distortion.


In evaluating credibility, there are two ultimate questions to answer, and we look for objective indicators:

  • How does the author know the statement is true? Are they in a good position to do so?

  • Is the author motivated/incentivized to tell the truth without distortion?


CRAAP Test for Evaluating Credibility

Evaluating Sources: The CRAAP Test (Benedictine University Library)

  • Video introduces the Test
  • The Rubric follows

Sample evaluation

Open this article and evaluate its credibility

  • Think about the two big questions
  • Then apply the CRAAP test