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ANT 202 - Sexuality, Gender and Culture: General References

Why use General References?

 General Reference sources...

1. Are used in the early stages of research to provide background information.

2. Provide an unbiased overview about a topic.

3. Give you the essential facts and concepts to understand material written by experts.

4. Focus on well-established knowledge.

5. Present controversies in an objective and balanced way.

6. Save you time and frustration!

Suggested terms

  • Marriage customs and rites
  • Kinship
  • Taboo
  • Unilineal descent
  • Nonunilineal descent
  • Gender stratification
  • Gender identity
  • Gender crossing
  • Transgender
  • Sexual divisions of labor
  • Double standards

Also take a look at the online anthropology books on the right.  They have many more ideas for research areas you could focus on.

Search 200+ encyclopedias

Reference Databases

PCC has a number of online reference databases that are great starting points for your research.  Here are a few suggested resources for research on gender and sexuality.

Studies in anthropology are multidisciplinary so you may need to look in other types of databases for sources, depending on your selected topic. See all Encyclopedias & Reference.

Online Reference Books

These eBooks are available online: