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STEM Resources: Find Books

This guide will help you find resources relevent to science and other STEM areas

Why Use Books?

Books may be useful when...

You want focused, in-depth information about a subject.  However, the depth to which a book covers your topic may vary.
NOTE: If you need general/background information about your topic, find a reference resource using the "Get Started" tab on the left.  If your research topic is very current, try finding articles instead, as books will not have the most current information.

Search the Catalog

For locating books, e-books, and DVDs that are specific to your topic, it is important to utilize the Library Catalog for your search.

Search the Library Catalog by keyword, subject, author, or title.



Items from the library's PRINT collection are available from any of the PCC campus libraries. E-books provide another option that may be convenient, because digital resources are available to students 24/7. View this tutorial for directions using the catalog and placing a hold request.

Tips for locating e-books can be found in this video tutorial.


NOTE: In general, books about STEM topics can be found on the library shelves in the following sections:

Q    Science 

R    Medicine 

T    Technology 


Check the yellow shelf end caps or the blue "Find It" posters around the library for more specific information. 


Tips for searching the catalog:

  • USE simple words or phrases, like "robotics" or "biotechnology "
  • AVOID typing in long phrases. (See what happens when you type in "What are some engineering innovations in the 21st century?"
  • When you need a specific book, use a TITLE search, rather than a WORD search
  • SUBJECT searches can be efficient ways to find very specific resources, and to navigate the catalog quickly
  • Find books at a specific campus (e.g. Downtown Campus) by clicking Modify Search.
  • You can also used an advanced keyword search by clicking advanced key word search