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REA 112HP - Annotated Bibliography (Holly Davis Smith): 2. Scholarly or Professional Article

Find a Journal Article Relevant to Your Career

1. Open MegaSearch and pre-limit your search

  • Click Advanced Search (under the search box)
  • Scroll down to the list of Disciplines
  • Checkmark Nursing & Allied Health

2. Enter a word or phrase for your main topic

  • Radiology careers
  • Radiolog* (The asterisk * finds all words that begin this way)
  • "Obstetric nursing" (Enclose a multi-word term in quotations)
  • "Obstetric nurs*"

3. Add a focus topic in a new box.

Add a word or a phrase.
If you have two ways to name your concept, put them both in, joined by the word "or".

4. Scroll down the page and limit the date so the article isn't too old.


5. Go up to the top of the page and click Search.

6. Review articles for relevance and length.

  • Consider the title.
  • Check the date.
  • Check the number of pages.
  • Read the short description.

7. Open the full record of the article 

  • Open the record by clicking the title.
  • Briefly note the authors, the journal (or source), and the subject terms
  • Read the full abstract! This is a summary of the article.
  • Open and read the full text (the full text will either be further down the page or in a PDF to the left of the title)

8. Email the article to yourself with an APA citation.

  • Click the Email icon (on the right of the article page)
  • Important: Type a descriptive Subject line for your future self!
    • Example: Obstetric Nurse Careers
  • Make sure to select APA citation format.
    • You'll receive the citation, a permalink to the record, and all full text versions of the article.

How to Use PCC's MegaSearch Database to find career articles

Other Career Databases You Can Try

You can apply the techniques described above in other databases too!