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AIS 148: Spring 2020: Searching Library Sources

Getting Started with MegaSearch

This video is a quick(ish) introduction to MegaSearch. BUT - if you have limited data to stream the video, or otherwise cannot watch the video, please reach out via e-mail, telephone, or via Ask A Librarian and we will very gladly help you one-on-one! Check out the "Get Help" tab for info on how to contact myself or another librarian.


An encyclopedia can often provide a strong, general description of a tribe or nation's history. Here are a few online encyclopedias to try. Note: You must be logged into MyPima to access these encyclopedias from off-campus.

  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online: EBO will have excellent, 'bird's eye view' articles on tribes and nations. They may lack detail, however.
  • Gale eBooks: This database brings together many ebooks. You're likely to find more detail than in EBO, but you will have to browse through a number of different options.