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Art: ART 110 - McNearney - Speak Out! Assignment

This guide provides general information resources for the study of art.

Speak Out!

Shepard Fairey. Big Brother Is Watching You. 2019. Artstor,

Banksy. [graffiti]. 2008. Artstor,

Hernandez, Ester, 1944-. Sun Mad. 1982. Artstor, 

Background Research



Francisco Goya y Lucientes, 1746-1828, European; Iberian; Spanish. Con razon ó sin ella. (Rightly or Wrongly); Fatales consequencias de la sangrienta guerra en España con Buonaparte. Y otros caprichos enfaticos [Disasters of War], plate 2.. Drawn and etched about 1810-1814; whole series first published posthumously 1863. Artstor,

Controversial Issues Databases

Newspaper & News Magazines

Article Databases

Protect the Sacred

Shepard Fairey; Aaron Huey. Protect The Sacred. 2018. Artstor,

Fake News


Evaluating Information Resources

The CRAP Test, developed by Molly Beestrum, is a helpful tool to use when trying to decide if a website is a credible, valid source.


  • How recent is the information?
  • How recently has the website been updated?
  • Is it current enough for your topic?


  • What kind of information is included in the resource?
  • Is content of the resource primarily opinion? If so, is balanced? That is, does it fairly present both sides of the argument?
  • Does the creator provide trustworthy references or sources for data or quotations?


  •  Who is the creator or author?
  • What are the credentials? Can you find any information about the author's background? If so, does their background (experience, education) suggest they are qualified to write intelligently and fairly on this topic?
  • Who is the published or sponsor?
  • Are they reputable? Are they known for having a bias or agenda?
  • What is the publisher's interest (if any) in this information? What might they stand to gain if you are persuaded to agree with their point of view, if any? What might they stand to lose? (Politically? Ideologically?  Economically?)
  • Are there advertisements on the website? If so, are they clearly marked?

Purpose/Point of View

  • Is this fact or opinion? Does the author list trustworthy sources or cite references that supports any claims made?
  • Is it biased? Does the author seem to be trying to push an agenda or particular side? Is the language used to play on your emotions?  Are conclusions drawn based on fact and irrefutable evidence , or on opinion / wishful thinking?
  • Is the creator/author trying to "sell" you something - an idea or a product? If so, is it clearly stated?