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WRT 101 - A. Holub: Welcome

Today's Objectives (read 1 and 2 first)

1. To answer the following question: What is a database?
-There are many types of databases

-A library database is a searchable electronic index of published, reliable resources. Databases provide access to a wealth of useful research materials from academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. Some databases also include e-books, relevant Web resources, and various multimedia
(Berkeley College)

-Any examples of non-library databases you may use on a daily basis?

2. To learn the basics of conducting research using MegaSearch and possibly other databases if time permits. However, you will be able to apply the same techniques/strategies to other databases after learning how to use MegaSearch. I'm here to help. (car) 

  • basic keyword searching (handout)
  • narrowing your search by dates, type of source (aka format), language, geographical location, etc.
  • emailing the information found
  • parts of a source: title, author/s, name of journal/newspaper/book, volume/issue/date, and/or location & call number
  • finding the article's citation
    give credit
    add strength and authority to your work
    leave a trail for other scholars (or your instructor)
  • possibly some advanced searching
    A) First, I'll demonstrate how to do all the above. Then we'll do a search together.

    B) Then, in teams of two or more, find an academic article, using any of the topic ideas we came up with via the activity. However, I want one person from the team to email me that article at Look for the other two sources if you have time (see other side of handout), and email yourself a news article. I'll walk around class in case you need help. 

    What were some challenges you had searching for the academic article?

    Please email me at if you need any help or have questions! Also feel free to visit the library in the Plaza building, second floor, Room F-210.





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