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REA 091 - (Hazan): The Life We Bury

Official Web Sites for Authors

Some authors may have official websites available that have information on their books, interviews, as well as biographies about them.  Here is a list of official websites available for some of the authors read in REA091.

Searching the Web

Not all authors have an official biography or website. In such cases, Google can be a helpful resource.

Here are some tips for using Google to get author information:

1) Search for the author's name using quotation marks, for example "Robin Wall Kimmerer".

2) For author research, include keywords such as "biography" or "interview. Example: "Robin Wall Kimmerer" interview.

3) Look for official social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) pages - especially for younger authors and authors working in electronic media.

The Book (copies to borrow from the PCC Library)

Resources for Author Research

You can use literature databases to find criticism, biographies, and journal articles about your author and his or her works.

When accessing the databases from off campus, you will be asked to input your MyPima username and password.

Literature Databases:

Allen Eskens at the PCC West Campus Library

Author Research Ideas

Researching the author of a book can provide a lot of interesting information for the reader, and may help the reader to understand an authors purpose for writing.  As part of your research for your book, you will be required to find background information about your author.  Background information may include

  • Facts about his/her life, including where he or she was born and raised, upbringing, careers, and education
  • Crucial life events or experiences that may influence writing
  • Issues that may be important to the author

Your instructor may require that you find a minimum number of sources about your author.  Sources may include biographies or interviews.  Your instructor may also allow you to use websites.  Check with your instructor to verify how many sources you will need for your assignment.