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WRT 101 - Northwest (Baddar) Writing 1: Proposal for Change (Visual Essay): Home

This guide will provide students with conducting research for the proposal for change/problem solution research.


Welcome to the PCC Library guide for researching sources on your PROBLEM and SOLUTION essay. 

This guide is intended as a starting place for WRT 101 researchers.

The above tabs are arranged to guide you through the steps of the research process.

If you need research assistance, please contact any campus library to seek help from the librarians.

Problem/Solution (What is it?)

A cause & effect essay does just as the title suggests; it explains the cause of a problem and argues solutions for it.

STEP 1) Collect, generate and evaluate evidence (library resources).

STEP 2) Use your most convincing evidence to support your position (visual essay and/or writing your paper).

Features of the Problem/Solution research.

  • A presentation of the event, phenomenon, or trend, with enough background information for your reader to understand the basis of your paper.

  • Facts & evidence, examples and anecdotes to build a convincing argument that the proposed causes or results are plausible.

  • A professional, reasonable voice; never sound uncetain or insulting.     

                                                                                                                                                                   Source: Roan State Community College

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