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LGBTQ+ Guide

Materials, resources, and information pertaining to LGBTQ+








Rainbow Flag

Rainbow Flag, Created by Gilbert Baker (1978)

Philadelphia Rainbow Flag

Philadelphia Rainbow Flag, Created by Gilbert Baker (2017)

Daniel Quasar Rainbow Flag

Daniel Quasar Rainbow Flag, Created by Daniel Quasar (2018)

Intersex-Inclusive Pride Progress Flag, Created by Valentino Vecchietti (2021)

Trans Flag

Transgender Flag, Created by Monica Helms (1999)

Bisexual Flag

Bisexual Flag, Created by Team led by Michael Page (1998)

Pansexual Flag, Created by Jasper V. (2010)

Lesbian Flag

Lesbian Flag, Created by Emily Gwen (2018)

Asexual Flag

Asexual Flag, Created by Asexual Visibility and Education Network (2010)

Non-Binary Flag, Created by Kye Rowan (2014)

Intersex Flag

Intersex Flag, Created by Morgan Carpenter (2013)

Polyamorous flag

Polyamorous Flag, Created by Jim Evans (1995)

Aromantic Flag, Created by Tumblr user Cameron (@cameronwhimsy) (2014)

Demiromantic Flag, Created by Tumblr user Vesper (@QueerAsCat) (2015)

Genderfluid Flag, Created by JJ Poole (2012)


Polysexual Flag, Created by Tumblr user Samlin (2012)

Gender Queer Flag, Created by Marilyn Roxie (2011)

Agender Flag, Created by Salem X (2014)

Two Spirit Flag, Created by 2Sanon (2016)