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Finals Stress Reduction Resources: Welcome

Online Puzzles and Games

  • Work on jigsaw puzzles online alone, with strangers, or with your own friends 
  • Jigsaw Planet: Millions of free jigsaw puzzles created by a large community. Create, play, share jigsaw puzzles and compete with other users.
  • Work on crosswords alone or collaborative with MultiCrosser or DownForACross
  • Set up a virtual game night with!
  • Coloring Online: Coloring Online allows you to select a coloring page from a range of beautiful drawings for adults. The selection includes different designs of mandalas, animals, and nature.

Watch Movies

The library has streaming services with premium content! These are for PCC students only.

Stream select videos and shows for free using these services:

BuzzFeed Quizzes

BuzzFeed Quizzes: There isn't much more distracting than a good BuzzFeed quiz. Or a not-so-great BuzzFeed quiz. They can even help you figure out whether you are a Sim or not.

Try this collection of 17 relaxing quizzes for a start. They can even help you with the hard decisions in life like which throwback TV show to watch! (I got Powerpuff Girls)

Distract yourself with a quick round of trivia, have a quiz pick your next movie to watch based on holiday foods or test your fast food fry identification skills

*Box modified from University of Buffalo Libraries

Finals Week Bingo

Our Finals Week Bingo card has lots of ideas for studying and reducing stress. Challenge yourself to get a BINGO!


Guided Meditations

Animal Cameras

Looking for a non-human study buddy? Try pulling up one of these live animal cameras!

Read Digital Magazines

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

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