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MAS 219 - Downtown (Sepulveda) Mexican-American Culture: Streaming Videos

Online videos?

Why use videos?

Educational videos can be a great source of information.  In addition, you can add them to your presentations as an additional way of presenting information.

These videos work like YouTube, but they are professionally produced and cover academic topics.

One great feature: Each video is divided into chapters or segments.  You can zero-in on what you want.

PowerPoint: Streaming Video LINK

IMPORTANT: If you want to include a streaming video segment in your PowerPoint 2010 presentation, it is best to LINK to the segment, rather than embed it. Linking to the video is simpler, quicker, saves space, and allows you to show the video anywhere, anytime. See the attached step-by-step directions!

Films on Demand

...provides instant access to films on a variety of topics. Videos can be watched from any PCC computer or any computer logged into MyPima. You can also:

  • email yourself a link to the video
  • create a link to the video in a PowerPoint presentation
  • create a free account with Films on Demand that allows you to create playlists or save videos to a favorites list

Films on Demand has over 70 videos related to Chicano Studies. Here are some examples:

Academic Video Online (AVON)

Academic Video Online (AVON) offers access to tens of thousands of full-length streaming video titles. Virtually every video in the collection is fully transcribed.