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Dual Enrollment Resources for Students and Teachers: Books and Magazines

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 NOTE: In general, books about careers are not found in any one section of the library.

It is best to keyword search your career and add the words "vocational guidance," such as

Nursing Vocational Guidance 

Most careers have a subject such as... nursing - research - methodology

Tips for seaching the catalog:


    • USE simple words or phrases, like "nursing" or "accounting"


  • AVOID typing in long phrases. (See what happens when you type in "What are some developments in gene therapy research?")
  • Find books at a specific campus by clicking .
  • Or request books from another campus by clicking  .

Read Magazines with Flipster

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Check Out These Books!

                 Image result for child called it                   Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck Centennial Edition)


The Handy Math Answer Book (ebook)                          Image result for old man and the sea                      And thousands more!