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WRT 101S - Desert Vista - Controversial Issues - Higgins: Get Started

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Hot Topics and Current Issues

Is your topic about a controversial issue or something in the news?  Try one of our Hot Topic databases.  They have articles, topic summaries, as well as links to related newspaper articles and multimedia.

Controversial Issues

Writing a documented paper on a community controversy requires that both sides of an issue be examined, needing the researcher to take a position on one side or the other.  In addition,  you must defend your position against opposing points of views. You will need to find 4-6 credible sources, at least three of which must be scholarly articles.

Your research for a persuasive essay will involve one or more of the following:

  • Choosing a controversial issue that interests you, based on your instructions in the assignment
  • Locating reference sources to provide background information on your topic
  • Locating journal or magazine articles according to the time periods specified in your assignment
  • Locating websites specifically aimed at your topic
  • Citing your sources in MLA style
  • Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

General Reference Resources

Begin your research by seeking some general background information about your topic using reference resources.