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WRT 101S - Communities - Desert Vista --Higgins: Get Started

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Vegan/Keto Enthusiasts

Get Started : Selecting Your Community


Begin your research by seeking some general background information about your community using research resources.  Some resources will be available in print at the library.  Other resources are available electronically.  

This guide will help you find both scholarly and popular sources within the Pima databases, and explain the differences between the two type of sources.  

Think about what communities you are part of and what do others need to know about the community that you choose to write about.

Make a list of all your communities, and then select one that you are passionate about and matters to you for your paper.

You can write about the history of your community, such as the history of the Old Pueblo.  If you are an avid visitor to some of Arizona's museums or scenic spots, you can write about their history and what should members of this community know about the history.



Selected Examples of Various Communities


Pima Community College students

Nursing majors

Medical marijuana activist

Democrat or Republican Party

Apple computer user

Yoga class

Vegan or Keto diets

Community Food Bank volunteer

Gaming enthusiast

Local wildlife 

Bicycle group

Music fan



 Android users

 iPhone users

 Environmental activist

 Film/video fan

 Favorite author's books

 Recycling advocate

 Organic foods advocate

 Arizona Wildcat sports fan

 Animal care

Fan of local celebrities 

Rodeo fan

Environmental Community