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ANT 112 - Downtown (Drake-Rosenstein): Incorporating Sources in Ethnographic Film Analysis

Tip from a former student

"Look hard through the database; it isn't rocket science."

How to cite sources when you paraphrase (APA 7th ed.)

Open this quick guide (Google Docs).


Here is a fuller guide.

Reminders for Sources

Your Ethnographic Film Analysis needs:

  • At least two relevant academic, peer-reviewed sources 
    • 1 source for each theme
  • At least one other relevant and reliable source

Do NOT quote from your reference sources! You must paraphrase!

Incorporating Sources Demo/Insights

Emily's video:

Link to Emily's slides:

**One note--I totally did an MLA in-text citation rather than an APA citation. The citation should read (Alvard 2011). Make sure to check your citations!

Flow Chart

Tip from another student

"Consult with a librarian ASAP. Take time in searching for sources in various places on MegaSearch."

And another!

"Always try different word choices when looking for sources."


"It's ok to ask several questions about finding a relevant and reliable source during your research."