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Selected Library Books at Desert Vista Campus



Welcome to the PCC Library Guide for researching ECE 107 -Human Development and Relations.

Researching human development and relations can encompass a wide area of tools and resources. This guide is designed to assist in identifying subjects for research and to define those subjects succinctly.  The tabs at the top of the guide serve as a way to narrow down your research needs.


ECE Course Reserve Materials at Desert Vista

Listed below are the reserve books (different editions) for ECE 107 at Desert Vista. Unless your instructor specifies otherwise, reserve materials generally can be used for two hours in the Library upon presentation of your Pima student id card.  Materials for other ECE courses are also on reserve.  Click here for a complete listing. ( You can search this listing by either the last name of the instructor or by course name, number and campus location, such as ECE200.) Reserve items differ from regular, circulating materials that are located in the library stacks. Some of the other campuses also may have these books on reserve.


Available on Reserve at Desert Vista

Available on Reserve at Desert Vista

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