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Evaluating Websites: Step 1: Introduction to the A.B.C.s

Why evaluate websites?

When using the Internet, you must remember that it lacks any kind of quality control and it is not regulated in any way.

Anyone can create a website and pass themselves off as an expert. Google the words "free website creator". 

The burden of determining the value of information found on the Internet is on the user.

ABC Website Evaluation

Domain Names

The URL for a website can tell you a lot about the purpose of a webpage. 

.com = commercial site

.net =network provider

.org =organization

.edu =education - school or university

.mil = military website

.gov = government website

.com, .net, and .org sites are less regulated, meaning anyone can register for a website with that domain.  .edu, .mil, and .gov sites are MORE REGULATED, and tend to be more reliable. 

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