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WRT 102 - Desert Vista - Burns: Literature Databases

Helpful Suggestions


You can print, email, and save articles from databases.


Many of the library databases include MLA citations.  If you use an article from a database, you can simply copy the MLA citation into your Works Cited page.




Literature Databases

You can use literature databases to find criticism, biographies, and journal articles.

When accessing the databases from off campus, you will be asked to input your MyPima user name and password.

Literature Databases:


Example: Searching for Your Author's Biography

In order to find biographical materials on your author, go to one of the databases suggested above.  Since they are all poets, you might select the Poetry and Short Story Reference Center as your first choice. Select the Advanced Search and type in the poet's name in the first box and then type biography after "AND" in the second box. Select "Search".  Many of these poets will be discussed in the Poetry and Short Story Reference Center.  If your poet is not included, try one of the other listed databases.

A screen shot of the search box is shown below...(you will need to go to the actual database to find your materials--this is not an interactive search box)

Searching: (Name of Database)Show all Choose Databases

  Search Help  (opens in new window)