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HIS 160 - Online - Latin American History Before Independence (Duchicela): Find Articles

MegaSearch (searches most of our databases all at once)

 How to Access MegaSearch:

1.) Navigate to either or the "Library" tab in MyPima, or click the above link

2.) Click on "Advanced Search" under Megasearch



More tips...

Use quotation marks for phrases (e.g "Latin America" or "gender role")

Use asterisks * for wild card searching (e.g. colon* -- searches colony, colonies, colonial)

Think of synonyms for your term and join them using "or"

To narrow searches and increase relevancy, you can search by subject, abstract, or title.


Some example searches that utilize these tools and strategies:

example of advanced search using subject search, phrase searching and "or" operators joining synonyms


Scholarly vs Non-Scholarly Resources

Your instructor may ask your to use only scholarly resources for your paper.  What's the difference between a scholarly or non-scholarly resource?

Scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources include books and articles published in scholarly journals, encyclopedias, and books.  These sources are reviewed by a panel of experts in that particular field, and are often published by a professional association or a university press.  These experts ensure the information published is credible before accepting it for publication.

Non-Scholarly sources include websites, magazines, newspapers, and books that undergo no expert review prior to publishing.

Check with your instructor if you plan to use any non-scholarly websites and use the CRAAP test to evaluate them.

What are Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Does your instructor require you to use scholarly, or peer-reviewed articles?  Watch the video below from North Carolina State University to learn about peer-reviewed articles.

Online Reference Databases

Here are a few suggested resources for research on Latin American history and culture.

Periodical Databases

You can use article databases to find articles from magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and trade journals.

See all Magazine, Journal and Newspaper Databases.

Periodical Databases related to Latin American History and Culture:

Google Scholar

Google offers another way to search for both scholarly articles and books using Google Scholar.  It will direct you to PCC Library holdings of articles and books, if available.