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College Algebra/Mathematics: Fun Stuff

Films on Demand

Find out how math is used in different careers/jobs, as well as other cool math information. (You will need to login with your MyPima username and password to access these videos.)

Fun Stuff

Don't think Math is fun? Or you wonder where you will ever use it? Check out these sites - you may be surprised!

Myth Busters (TV show) - You can find many episodes on YouTube, but if you have a subscription to Hulu, Fubo, Sling TV you can find more. Also, I see they are still on the Discovery channel every now and then.

VSauce - find these on YouTube.

Math in Movies - from "The Hangover" to "Old School" to "Harold andKumar" to Shrek the Third" math has had a part on the big screen.

 Math Games 1 Math Games 2 Math Games3 Math Games 4- Some you played as boardgames (Battleship, Connect 4, chess, Sudoku, Tic-Tac-Toe), some on your phone (Mongjong tiles) , but all require some number sense and logic. Have Fun!

Math Puzzles 1 Math Puzzles 2 - Math puzzles 1 are all about jigsaw puzzles. Math puzzles 2 are all about mazes, Tetris and more!

Brain Benders - These are more logic than math puzzles that will stump your friends (and your parents!) The site is designed for kids, but I was stumped by most of these!! I like Alphabet Soup and the Penny Triangle. (So simple once you know the answer!!)

22 Examples of Math in Everyday Life - See how math is around in pretty much everything we do! From driving, cooking, playing sports, making a budget, shopping (who doesn't like a sale on a sale), exercising and more. 

Why Study Math? - From Dr. Math, great insight into how math affects you everyday in your regular activities, like calculating your grade to seeing if you are getting the right discount on that sale.