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WRT 101 - Northwest (Baddar) Writing 1: Proposal for Change (Visual Essay): Identify your topic

This guide will provide students with conducting research for the proposal for change/problem solution research.

First, remember to Identify Your Topic

  • Identify your topic (be specific)
  • What topic are you going to research?

            Example: How do unrealistic expectations of beauty effect the self-esteem of teenaged girls?

List the problems of your topic:

Problem 1 -
Unrealistic expectations of beauty
Problem 2 - Male hairstyle trends
Problem 3 - Refugees and the U.S.


Solutions? Find sources to back your solutions.

Sample Photos


Zendaya Took Down the Magazine That Photoshopped Her to Oblivion

Man Bun

Menswear Monday: Would You Wear The Man Bun?

Lady Liberty

"Give me your tired..."