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BIO 100/201/202/218 - Downtown (Cruz): Find Articles

Article Databases

You can use the library databases to find articles from magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and trade journals on your topic.


If you are off campus, you will be prompted to login to MyPima. Then the database will open.

Journal Articles

Click on the links below to search for full-text articles from these scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

Once you have chosen an online journal below, use the feature called 

to complete a search on your topic.

A Science Magazine

To search within the magazine, click the  icon (upper right).

Scientific American

A respected review of recent discoveries and theories, often written by the researchers. We have access to articles from 1993 to the present. Earlier articles are blocked. (Just search for your topic or read over the current issue. Do not worry about the subscription ad - you can access the articles.)

You can also find Scientific American in MegaSearch. (In MyPima , click on the Library tab, and MegaSearch is the top one.) Just type in - Scientific American - in the search box and it will be at the top of the results. Type in your topic in the yellow search box and it will find articles on that topic from the magazine. 

Find journals on a topic

1. Open this list of 3000+ journals on health and medicine.

2. Under Subject (at right) click Show More.

3. Scroll through the topics. Notice the number of journals.

  • Check a box. Then Update.

4. Browse the list of journals.

Search for a journal by its name

1. Open the journal finder.

2. Enter the name of the journal. Then click the matching link.

3.. You can search within the journal or browse its issues. To browse, click a database link.

Notice the dates of full text coverage. For this journal, we have everything from 1980 to the present, except for the most recent 3 months.

Ask A Librarian

Research librarians can be contacted in many ways:
Search our FAQ knowledge bank
E-mail us at: Ask A Librarian