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PSY 101 - East - Introduction to Psychology: Articles

How to find an academic article to review


Psychology Journals


Scholarly vs Non-Scholarly Resources

Your instructor may ask you to use only scholarly resources for your paper.  What's the difference between a scholarly or non-scholarly resource?
Scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources include books and articles published in scholarly journals, encyclopedias, and books.  These sources are reviewed by a panel of experts in that particular field, and are often published by a professional association or a university press.  These experts ensure the information published is credible before accepting it for publication.
Non-Scholarly sources include websites, magazines, newspapers, and books that undergo no expert review prior to publishing.
Scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles (journal articles) the author/s have credentials, use vocabulary unique to the field, and give their references. They often follow the format below...
The Format of a Scholarly Article:
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methods and Data
  • Analysis and Results
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • References

Finding and Citing a Scholarly Article for Psychology

Scholarly and Popular Sources