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REL 200/201 - Old Testament and New Testament: Websites

Bible Collections and Bible Study Meta Sites

Old and New Testament Gateway

The Bible Dudes' Like Way Cool Tanak Summary Movie Thingie

The primary purpose behind the BibleDudes web site is to better educate people about the best selling, most influential, but often read, least understood book ever written: the Bible. We also wanted to convey our enthusiasm for the incredible and amazing academic discipline of biblical studies.

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Biblical Texts in Original Languages

Many biblical manuscripts and texts are available online, but some are best consulted in print. Here is a sampling of texts available online in electronic format:

Yale Bible Study

Seeking Truth Together: The Yale Bible Study Series 
Bible conversations between YDS Dean Harold Attridge and YDS professor emeritus David Bartlett...

"Yale Bible Study." Seeking Truth Together: The Series. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2012.