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ECN 201/202 - Microeconomics, Macroeconomics: Find Books

Guide for ECN 200, ECN 201, ECN 202

PCC Library Books

Continue your research by finding books (videos, DVDs, etc.) about your topic.

Search the Library Catalog


You can do a catalog search of just astronomy and come up with some great topics, such as radio astronomy and prehistoric astronomy in the southwest, or you can search for a specific topic with the word astronomy.

Tips for searching the catalog:

  • USE simple words or phrases, like "space and astronomy " or "space astronomy" (try these two will get totally different results!)
  • AVOID typing in long phrases. (See what happens when you type in "Why should we have universal health care in the United States?")
  • Find books at a specific campus by clicking Modify Search
  • Or request books from another campus by clicking  


Good Read

Good Read

Good Read

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