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Photography: Books

PCC Library Books

Continue your research by finding books (videos, DVDs, etc.) about your topic.

Search the Library Catalog



Tips for seaching the catalog:

  • USE simple words, and put exact phrases in quotes:  "landscape photography"
  • COMBINE multiple topics in one search result by using "AND":  surrealism AND photography
  • "*" truncates words with multiple endings (photo, photography, photography, photographic...):  photo*
  • AVOID typing in long phrases. (See what happens when you type in "How can I improve my printing tecniques?")
  • When you find a useful book, check its catalog record for SUBJECT HEADINGS which will link you to other books on the same topic.  Or, try using the subject headings listed on the left-side margin of this page.
  • Find books at a specific campus by clicking .
  • Or request books from another campus by clicking  .

Browsing for Photography Books

Library books are shelved by subject categories that correspond with their call numbers.

Generally, you'll find photography books in the "TR" section of the library. 

For a more detailed list of subject classifcation and sub-classification areas, refer to the Library of Congress Classification Outline, then visit the corresponding area in our library.