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THE 250 Acting (Audition for Theatre): Websites

This guide is designed to assist students with researching information on preparing for an audition.

Local Theaters

Where can you audition?  The following links are for local theaters.  NOTE: The Let The Show Begin website has a link called "TTA MediaCast" that contains additional tips and information about auditioning. BREAK  A LEG! is a website offering career advice and casting information.  If you subscribe, here's what you get:

  • A personal profile
  • Access to their resources
  • Advice on everything from headshots, auditioning tips, information on college programs
  • More access to casting agents who can put you to work
  • Membership from $11 to $20 a month, depending on the type of subscription you choose.

Other Theater Information

Plays for Purchase

If possible you should read the entire play before the audition.  The links below are sources for obtaining plays and anthologies (new and used).  Many plays are in the public domain and no longer protected by copyright.  Some may be available on the Internet.