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REA 091 - Northwest: Author Research


Click on the link below to open the Author Research worksheet. Print this, follow the instructions, and answer the questions as you go.

STEP 1 - Top Literature Databases

You can use literature databases to find author biographies, literature criticism, essays, reviews and literary works.
When accessing the databases from off campus, you will be asked to input your MyPima username and password.


Gale's Literature Resource Center is the most comprehensive and reliable online resource for research on literary topics, authors, and their works. Its coverage includes all genres and disciplines, all time periods, and all regions of the world. View search tips.

EBSCO's MasterFILE Premier contains book reviews, author interviews and feature articles from thousands of popular magazines and academic journals. This is a good place to search for hot, new books and authors.

ProQuest Newspapers gives you online access to the most respected national and regional newspapers from across the U.S.


Tips for Using Databases

Features:  You can print, email, and save articles from databases.

Cite:  Many of the library databases include MLA citations. If you use an article from a database, you can simply copy the MLA citation into your Works Cited page! (Although you should always look them over to make sure they are correct.


STEP 3 - Author Videos

You can find author interviews and book readings on Use searches like these:

"Khaled Hosseini interview"

"Kathryn Stockett reading"


STEP 2 - Homepages

Most contemporary authors maintain an official website where they can share news about publications, appearances and awards with their fans. Many also now have facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Try these Google searches, substituting your author's name, in the search box below:

"Chef Jeff Henderson official website"

"Stephen King facebook"

"Jodi Picoult Twitter"

Google Web Search

etc...Find Books

Looking for a good book to read? Go to GoodReads for suggestions from other readers, like you.


Which book are you reading? What do you think about it? Leave your comments below.