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REA 091- Spring 2024 Online - Griesel: Welcome

Library resources and videos to help with research projects.

Welcome to REA 091

This guide is intended as research aid for REA 091 Spring 2023 with Pat Griesel. You will be working on assignments and research projects related to memoirs. This guide introduces library tools for finding books, articles, and other types of information. Embedded in this guide are mini videos to help you understand the researching process. They include:

  • Using a Reference Source - Discusses when and how to use encyclopedias and other references sources.
  • Scholarly and Popular Sources - Explores the difference between scholarly and popular sources
  • Searching MegaSearch - Explains how to use the Library's search portal to find articles and databases.
  • Evaluating Websites - Contains multiple tutorials on how to evaluate web resources and determine what is valid.
  • How to Research -  Offers tutorials on getting started with research, types of resources, and using the libraries catalog and databases.

Please use the tabs above to locate frequently recommended resources. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact your friendly neighborhood librarian. 

Memoirs for class

Memoirs for your class are listed below. Click on the i to see a book description. Click on its title to take you to the library's catalog which will tell you where it is located.

Other recommended reading

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