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WRT 101S - Downtown (Casaus) : MegaSearch: Top Tricks

Access the database

Open MegaSearch

  • Then click Advanced Search.

A focused search

1. One box = One concept

2. Put multi-word terms in quotations

3. Focus a search by adding a new concept box.

4. Supply alternative "names" for a concept

5. Focus a concept with special fields







  To focus a concept,

  • select the menu on the right of the box
  • select one of these fields:
    • AB Abstract
    • SU Subject terms
    • TI Title

When you are finished focus, reset the menu.

6. Filter your results by publication type

7. Email articles to yourself -- with MLA citations

Open the article's full record (by clicking its title).

  • Click the Email icon at right.  It looks like an envelope.
  • Type in your email address
  • Type in a customized Subject line. This is what you will see in your email inbox.  Help yourself out: make it specific!
  • The email will contain...
    • An MLA style citation (at the top). You can copy and paste into your Works Cited list. (You need to proofread it first)
    • The full text article (PDFs will be attachments).