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HIS 141 - Northwest - History of the United States I: Online Request & Curbside Pick Up for Books and Technology


SPECIAL FOR SUMMER 2024: Due to the need to deploy crucial updates, all laptops and iPads must be returned by May 23, 2024.

Students registered for summer classes should be able to swap out their return for a device with a new image.


You must already be registered for classes to be able to checkout technology items.

Is Your Borrowed Technology Due?

Most Library laptops, hotspots and iPads are due a the end of the current session (Fall, Spring or Summer). You MAY be able to renew via chat or phone if you just checked the item out this term or, if you've had the device for awhile, you will need to bring it in for inventory control and updating. Students registered for the next term's classes will be able to re-checkout their device or an updated device when they bring it in. 


For questions about renewing or to re-check out your device or an updated device, please reach out via chat or phone during our hours of operation or stop by any campus library.

For hours and locations, visit



Tech device checkout

Check the links below for available devices


Students who are currently registered for classes are eligible to checkout devices. Check to see which campus libraries have the technology you're looking for and visit or call the one nearest you. All technology checkouts must be done in person. Please bring an ID and your MyPima login information. 


The availability of laptops and other equipment changes during the day. Items with the following statuses are available:


If no items display when you click the link, then none are available.

For more information on the types of technology available to borrow, see this FAQ.

Note that overdue devices may be locked or have service suspended. See below for more information if your device is locked or your service suspended.

Questions? Contact us via chat or phone.


How to borrow a mobile hotspot for students from Pima County Public Library (not affiliated with Pima Community College Libraries)

Locked Device or Suspended Hotspot?

As part of our efforts to recover overdue tech devices, we are:

  • Suspending service on overdue hotspots
  • Remote locking overdue Apple devices

These are items that are more than three weeks overdue. A series of notices and bills have been sent. 

The item may need to be returned to a campus library. At a minimum you need to contact a library to determine if you are eligible for a renewal. 

Only current students are eligible to borrow tech devices. Even if you are currently registered, you may still need to return the device now for visual inspection/ inventory if you have had it for more than 2 semester loan periods. Once you return it, if you are verified as a current student,  we may be able to unlock/reinstate service and re-check the device out to you. Students have a responsibility when it comes to borrowing technology for responding to due dates and overdue notices. Failure to meet that responsibility may result in the device being non-renewable.

Tech Support for borrowed devices

Tech Support

If you need help with your PCC device please call the IT Service Desk at (520) 206-4900. Service Desk hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 7am-6pm 
  • Friday: 7am - 5pm.
  • Saturday/Sunday: closed

If you need general technical support the MyPima Helpdesk provides assistance with MyPima logins, access to D2L and more. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Call: (520) 206-4800
Email: (Note: Your email reply will be from
Chat: Start chat now


NOTE: Due to the need for crucial updates, all laptops and iPads must be returned by May 23, 2024. Students registered for summer classes will be able to swap out their return for a device with a new image. No renewals.

You may renew your materials as long as no other patron has a hold on them and so long as you have not exceeded the max renewals. Note that technology devices must be brought in periodically for inspection, typically, tech devices may be renewed only once. 

In your MyPima Portal click on the Library tab at the top
On the left hand side click on My Library Account
Input your mypima username and password (if prompted)
Check the items you wish to renew then click Renew All


From the library home page
Scroll down and click on View Your Circulation Record and Renew
Input your last name and barcode number
Check the items you wish to renew then click Renew All