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Video and Film Resources With PCC Information Literacy Tutorials: Math

Film and Video - Math

Graphing Calculator Tutorials (created by PCC Instructor)


Math Tutorials - the Khan Academy has topics include everything from basic math, to algebra, calculus and statistics. (You can use your PCC Gmail address to create an account.)

Math in different careers - did you ever ask "when am I ever going to us this?" Did you know that someone with a math degree is one of the highest paying careers and most sought after? describes the different math careers one can take. To check-out more careers that use math, checkout the Math in Action website. (I never thought of cake artistry and sculpture as math related careers.)

History of Mathematics - check out this short video on the history of mathematics. To see a more indepth history of math, including mathematicians and a (great) glossary, so to The Story of Mathematics webpage.