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ESL 088WG - West - Nancy Hamadou (Schipper): Useful Search Tips

Pima Community College Library Search

Gale Topic Finder

Need help narrowing your topic more? Try Gale's Topic Finder to narrow it down more. It's a useful way to visualize your topic and to get more insight into ways to break your topic down. "Online Dating" was the topic used to create this breakdown.

Search Tips

  • Try searching your primary or main keyword from your topic (Online Dating, Suicide, Homelessness, or Cyber Bullying).
  • If you aren't finding many articles or you have too many to choose from try to limit the search by putting quotations around your phrase
    • Example: "online dating" or "cyber bullying"
      • Doing this will help you search for the phrase exactly as it is and in that specific order
    • Also try adding more secondary keywords to help narrow your topic more
      • Example: Online also with the words "safety or danger or risks" (see screenshot below)
        • using boolean search terms (AND, OR, & NOT) help include more words or eliminate words you don't want to appear in your search.


  • Refine your results if you have too many
    • Refine the Publication date to reflect current up to date sources
    • Refine the Format section to reflect Magazines, News, & Trade Publications
    • Refine the Subject section to see if one more closely fits your topic
    • Refine the Geography section to reflect current sources in the United States