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WRT 205 - Online - Poetry Writing: Author Resources

Evaluating Websites

Consider the following five criteria:

1.  Accuracy - Is the information correct?

2.  Authority - What are the author's credentials?

3.  Coverage - Is the content covered comprehensively?

4.  Currency - Is the information current?

5.  Purpose - Is the content biased?

If you're not certain, ask a librarian!

Author Resources - Introduction

In addition to the below resources, review the resources located on the tabs for "Reference," "Books," and "Literature Databases" for information on specific authors.



Author Homepages

Most contemporary authors maintain an official website where they can share news about publications, appearances and awards with their fans. Many also now have facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Try these Google searches, substituting your author's name, in the search box below:

"Chef Jeff Henderson official website"

"Stephen King facebook"

"Jodi Picoult Twitter"

Google Web Search

Author Videos

You can find author interviews and book readings on Use searches like these:

"Khaled Hosseini interview"

"Kathryn Stockett reading"