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PSY 240 - Online - Developmental Psychology: Streaming Videos

Streaming Videos

The PCC Libary offers 4 different databases with streaming videos that may be useful for this class.  The boxes below will help you to find those videos.

Why use videos?  Educational videos can be a great source of information.  In addition, you can add them to your presentations as an additional way of presenting information.

These videos work like YouTube, but they are professionally produced and cover academic topics.

One great feature: Each video is divided into chapters or segments.  You can zero-in on what you want.

Swank Streaming Media

AVON (Academic Videos Online)


To view videos in the AVON database, click on the link provided below.

Once you are in the database, type your keywords into the red search box at the top.

Note: The more keywords you use in your search, the more specific your search will be.

Films on Demand

Films on Demand provides streaming video on various subject, with over 2,500 videos on psychology.  Use the link provided below to gain access to this database.  If you are accessing them off-campus you will be asked to provide your MyPima username and password.





To view videos in the Kanpoy database, click on the link provided below.