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ANT 210 - Downtown (James-Hernandez) Cultural Anthropology: Get Started

Research Exercise

Your instructor may ask you to complete the following Research Exercise for credit:


Welcome to the PCC Research Guide for ANT 210 - Cultural Anthropology.

This guide is intended as a starting place for researchers, pointing to tools for finding books, articles, websites, and other related information.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact any campus library by using the Ask a Librarian tool (located on the right column of this page) or using the Campus Libraries & Hours link.

How to Write a Research Paper

See our online guide for How to Write a Research Paper for tips and video tutorials on selecting a topic, using library resources, and citing sources.

Ask A Librarian

Research librarians can be contacted in many ways:
Search our FAQ knowledge bank
E-mail us at: Ask A Librarian