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REA 091 - West - Reading Improvement II: REA 091 - Careers



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Student Success Tool @ Pima (The MyCareerPath at PCC)

Value of  a College Degree

Selecting a College Major

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Arizona Career Information Systems

AzCIS is designed to provide educational, career, and occupational information to help students in making better-informed career and school choices.

Search for the name of your occupation or click "Occupations" to browse for information about the occupation you are interested in.

Citing a Page in AzCIS

AzCIS does not automatically generate citations. To cite a page in AzCIS, follow this general format for citing a webpage with no author in MLA 8:

“Title of the Page.” Title of the Web Site, Publisher or Sponsor, Date of publication, url.

For all AzCIS pages, the title of website, publisher, and date of publication should be the same, so you just need to fill in the page's title and it's URL:

"Title of Page."  Arizona Career Information System, University of Oregon, 2018, page URL

Here's a completed example for the AzCIS page about chefs:

"Chefs and Dinner Cooks." Arizona Career Information System, University of Oregon, 2018,